When people come to the Lowcountry and look for culinary staples, many that immediately come to mind are shrimp and grits, fried chicken and barbecue.

We're no stranger to each of these tasty Southern staples, and are happy the Myrtle Beach area offers plenty of options for satisfying these comfort food cravings. And if you're looking for tasty barbecue, there's a new option available - Simply Southern Smokehouse.

This new eatery, which had its official ribbon cutting on July 23, is owner Tammy Floyd's first time being the boss. She's worked in the educational field for 20 years, and part-time in the restaurant industry. When the opportunity came to open her own barbecue business, she received the blessing from her former employer and went about securing the next chapter of her professional life.

Simply Southern Smokehouse's barbecue is vinegar-based, and Floyd hopes it will be the restaurant's signature dish. However, she said she's been getting raves about their collard greens and fried chicken, as well as the pork chops that are served only on Tuesdays.

Everything about the menu screams Southern comfort, and that's just how Floyd wants it.

"If I'm going to fix food, I want it to be comforting to someone else," she said.

Click here for an address, store hours and menu.