All one needs do is take a closer look at the Myrtle Beach area, and they'll find remnants of not only the Grand Strand's past, but the country's as well.

Taking a trek to the outskirts of Georgetown, one will find an "historic jewel" in the Hopsewee Plantation. That's what the wonderful and vibrant tour guide called the home sitting on the property, because it's an original. That floor you walk on is the same floor that's been there for over 200 years.

We found one of the more interesting aspects of the Hopsewee Plantation home is the blue painted on the awning above the front porch. It was used to keep the spirits, or haints, away by making them think it was still daytime. Today, that color is referred to as haint blue.

Our favorite part of the house was the large porch overlooking that offered great views of the property and the promise of relaxation on a beautiful fall afternoon. The only thing we found missing was our favorite rocking chair and a tall glass of lemonade.