Pirates have been a hot commodity these past several years, thanks in no small part to Johnny Depp, and the Myrtle Beach area is right there in the mix with Pirates Voyage.

This electrifying dinner theater has had us saying emphasizing our “Arrrrggghhh’s” ever since it first opened for business in 2011.

The lot of you will enjoy a king’s feast, while the pirate hordes steal your attention with their antics.

It’s the battle between the Crimsons and the Sapphires, and their combat extends from the deck of these full-sized ships to the sky and even the water.

We were shivering our timbers by the end, and loved every second of this fun and adventurous journey out on the high seas.

Click here to get tickets for this fun, family-friendly adventure. And no, you won’t be forced to walk the plank if you don’t finish your dinner.