The Grand 14 Theater in The Market Common put its best Hollywood-like foot forward Thursday night when it hosted the premiere of the independent comedy Crackerjack.

This charming comedy is described as a "Southern fairy tale" by its narrator and executive producer, Jeff Foxworthy. And yes, there are plenty of jokes that only us southerners will truly appreciate. Which is part of the film's appeal.

We couldn't stop laughing at the over-the-top zaniness of the church league softball games, a game that Bill "Crackerjack" Bailey is obsessed with. The question looming over the film is if he'll choose the game or his pregnant girlfriend, Sherry.

That's the premise behind Crackerjack,but the true fun of the film is the supporting characters. They're a collection of lovable eccentrics that everyone's going to root for. Yes, we even liked the disapproving mother who wants her daughter to be with a man whose life doesn't revolve around the swinging of a bat.

Hey, what can we say? She had some great one liners!

And what can we say about the filmmakers who chose Myrtle Beach as the city to host the premiere? They are nice, charming people and we want them to come back and see us anytime.

The roughly 200-plus people who sat down to be amongst the first to see the film had the chance to meet the cast and crew after the credits rolled.

But most importantly, we appreciate them getting involved with the Grand Strand Miracle League and asking for donations of bats, balls and gloves. These items will give individuals with special needs the opportunity to play softball as well.

Officials at the GSML say the publicity for the film and the donations drive has led to an influx of calls from Grand Stranders asking how they can help. And for that, we say thank you!

Oh yeah, go check out Crackerjack! It's playing at Grand 14 Theater. Click here for showtimes.