Whenever I’m packing for a beach vacation, one of the first things I think to pack is a sarong. From fashion to functionality, it’s one of the most useful beach essentials to bring along. You can use them as a beach towel, or with a little online research, can learn how to fold one into a handy beach tote. But my favorite way to use a sarong is as a cute beach cover-up. Here are just a few of the many ways in which you can tie a sarong:

Basic halter dress – Wrap the sarong horizontally underneath arms and cross ends over your bust. Tie at the back of your neck.

Tie front halter dress – Fold the fabric into a triangle and place it beneath your shoulder blades. Crisscross the two ends over your bust and tie at the back of your neck.

Strapless dress - Wrap the sarong horizontally around your torso, underneath arms, and knot at the front across bust. Loop one end underneath knot and pull through to create a more polished look by covering up the tie.

Long skirt - Wrap the sarong horizontally around your midsection, high on the back and lower in front. Bring the two ends together to tie.

One shoulder dress – Tie sarong vertically across one shoulder. Take two small sections of sarong mid-torso and also tie them on the side.

Cowl neck short dress – Hold sarong vertically in front of you. Tie ends behind your neck to form a cowl neck. Grab bottom ends of sarong, pull up to waistline and tie the ends behind your back.