While we’re already mid-summer here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, it’s not too late to take advantage of some serious beach life hacks that can make a trip to the beach so much easier.

Number One

Use an old fitted sheet – along with various beach gear – to make the perfect, sand-free zone for all your seaside relaxing.

Number Two

Stick a travel size baby powder in your beach bag. Baby powder can be used to instantly remove unwanted sand before leaving and getting in your car.

Number Three

Store ice in your cooler in plastic bags. Not only will it keep it from melting into a mess all over sandwiches and snacks, it also keeps ice clean for drinks!

Number Four

Hate sand sticking to the bottom of your cold drink? Use an old fast food cup as a cupholder by simply sticking it in the sand and then setting your drink inside the empty cup.

Number Five

Need to take some cash to the beach but worry about it walking off? Remove the chapstick from a chapstick container and roll your money inside.