The Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area has exciting ways to fly over the ocean!  Take it nice and easy or kick it up a notch and really soar!  Here's a list of ideas to get you started on your way to your most memorable Myrtle Beach vacation or getaway: 


Surfing is a fabulous exercise requiring swimming ability and balance. Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world!

Jet Ski 

Jet skis are great fun in the sun! Roar over waves and fly several feet upward and do it again!

Banana Boat 

Banana boats are safe and fun for all age groups. Ride behind a jet ski tow over wakes and waves in the surging splash up to 35 mph.

Charter Boat 

Charter boats have huge engines for covering lots of ground on coastal tours and fishing excursions. Enjoy the engine power cutting the waves!

Jet Boat 

The kids will love their first jet boat ride or enjoy it with a friend!  Speed, water, sun, and fun equal an amazing Myrtle Beach memory!


Rent a parasail for an exhilarating and inspiring experience of flying aloft under a secure parachute canopy hundreds of feet up!


For those who just can't fly on the water, but can do heights, ride the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel with family and friends, and feel like you are out over the ocean!  You won't believe the view! 

Helicopter Tour 

Take a helicopter tour of your favorite vacation spot. Revel in the sights and topography of your special places.

Water Parks 

Fly over and through swirling tunnels, giant slides, and wave pools! The kids will love a trip to a waterpark!

Relax -- be free -- and enjoy!

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