It's amazing how the little things can mean a lot! Over the years our visitors from all over the world have come up with some clever ideas and we wanted to share them with you so you have your best Myrtle Beach, South Carolina vacation ever!  Here's a quick list of the Top 10 Unique Things To Bring To The Beach:

Waterproof Cards 

Waterproof cards are perfect for the pool or sand. Keep the kids busy while you relax poolside. These cards are nearly indestructible with a long life!

Baby Powder 

Baby powder leaves the sand on the beach and not in your car. You'll enjoy that traditional clean fragrant scent as well!


Clothespins are great for chip clips in the hotel, keeping hotel drapes shut tight at night, or clipping that wind-flapping beach tablecloth while picnicking.

Power Strips With Surge Protection 

Power Strips are handy for all your cell phones and electronic gear since hotels have limited plugs. You will also have the added plus of surge protection during summer storms.

Mini Sewing Kit 

Handy sewing kits offer peace of mind for the quick fix of bathing suits or hemming a pair of dress slacks for that special vacation dinner engagement.

Pack Half The Clothing 

Don't over-pack for vacation! Save money on airline bag fees. Save space in your vehicle. It is proven you should pack half of what you think you need!


Apple vinegar is good for easing the pain of jellyfish stings and fire ant bites. Vinegar also eases digestion and acid reflux from rich vacation foods.


Bring along a sweatshirt as the nights in the campground or at the beach can get pretty chilly.


Kites are great fun for everyone -- especially the kids. Nothing like relaxing on the beach and watching the motion of a dashing and darting custom kite!

Natural Bug Spray 

Use natural bug spray with essential oils that drive away pests without poisoning the environment or harming others.

Enjoy your stay in Myrtle Beach!

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