There's always plenty of sunshine in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but "just in case" it rains and you feel like staying put in your hotel, we came up with a list of things to do:

Fitness Center

Increase health and strength with personal biorhythmic maintenance at a hotel fitness center. Keep vacation pounds at bay and generally feel great!

Recreation Room 

Have fun with family and friends playing games like ping pong, foosball and bowling. Teach the kids a sense of fair play while motivating them to be active.


Deeply relax in a warm jet propulsion hot tub. Great for relief of stress and promoting proper blood circulation.

Indoor Pool 

Enjoy the convenience of an indoor pool and get some fun exercise. Many of them are heated!

Board Games 

Build family and friend camaraderie with board games. Test your knowledge with Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and other great traditions. 

Movies on DVD 

Bring along your laptop and rent the latest movies as well as your favorites, or use the hotel premium service.

Indoor Picnic 

Enjoy an indoor picnic with family. Be crafty and surprise them with your ingenuity of endless culinary creation.

Day Spa 

Take a break and get rejuvenated in a day spa experience. Relax and enjoy the many possibilities of personal care.


Can we ever get enough sleep in modern stressful times? Proper sleep promotes health and general well-being.  


Intimacy promotes a well-balanced sense of self and caring.

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