For those who love the outdoors and would like to go on a nice picnic, the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area has not only 60 miles of beautiful sandy beach, it also has two State Parks, local parks with playgrounds and pavilions, and other scenic spots to just relax and enjoy time with friends and family!  We want every experience for you in Myrtle Beach to be a pleasant one so we've come up with a Top 10 list of Perfect Vacation Picnic Products:

Finger Foods 

Finger foods are your answer for snacks that save space when packing for the beach or trail. They fill you up too!

Goldfish Crackers 

Kids and adults alike love the mellow taste of Goldfish crackers. Great for soups, snacks on the run, and picnics on the beach.

Wet Wipes 

Wet wipes are great for picnics and vacation road trips. Wipes make for quick easy cleanup, plus they are disposable and biodegradable. 

Dry Cookies 

Save the mess with dry cookies like animal crackers or ginger snaps while traveling. They never melt and make for easy cleanup.

Partially Frozen Water 

Partially freeze water and place in your cooler. It makes a refreshing drink at the perfect time and prevents dangerous overheating during the dog days of summer.

Bottle Opener With Corkscrew 

Never leave home without this critical utility combo of bottle opener/corkscrew. Perfect for the beach or any vacation application. 


Decorative tablecloths are lightweight space savers for vacation packing. Makes a grand festive statement on the beach while keeping the sand away.

Beach Umbrella 

Save your skin from the sun with a modern umbrella. Be cool in the shade.


Sprinkling Listerine around your RV, campground, or beach spot will reduce the number of insects flying around your spot. Gives off a fresh scent as well.

Wicker Picnic Basket 

Traditional and stylish wicker picnic baskets with 2 or 4 place servings will efficiently organize your adventures in eating outdoors. 

Enjoy! Click here for a place to stay!