The inspiration of the coastal beauty of the Myrtle Beach area has motivated many aspiring artists to draw, paint, and create great works of art. Our gorgeous beaches are a stupendous catalyst for anyone desiring an "Art Lover's" day in our area. A grand place to start is at Brookgreen Gardens, listed by Trip Advisor as one of the top 10 public gardens in the U.S. for 2013. At Brookgreen, you can walk the lush natural scenic grounds of four former plantations. Those grand plantation homes are gone, but over 80 years ago this remaining beautiful garden was formed for public use. Artists will find incredible motivation for creation when visiting Brookgreen Garden's world-class outdoor sculpture tours, zoo, pontoon boat excursion, history tours, and butterfly house.

Other fabulous indoor art galleries, both public and private, are found along our 60 miles of coastline. The Burroughs and Chapin Art Museum is a fine art gallery that has 10 revolving exhibits a year with a stationary gallery of local southern artists. Enjoy stunning watercolors, oils, textiles, sculptures, ceramics, and photography exhibits. This museum also offers ongoing art instruction classes for adults and children.

A quick internet search for "art lessons in Myrtle Beach" will also yield quite a list of private art studios offering instruction.

All throughout the year in our area, we are host to various popular arts and crafts festivals. There is the annual Arts and Crafts Festival at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. For over 40 years the Waccamaw Arts and Crafts Guild has hosted the "Art in the Park" series four times a year at various local parks. Most of our other annual festivals also offer arts and crafts as part of their public popularity and appeal.

Perhaps the greatest inspiration of all to the aspiring/accomplished artist is the relaxing tropical atmosphere of our Low Country beaches. Your easy answer to creating your art with satisfaction is to book the perfect oceanfront room with a view, and bring your art supplies to the beach and see what happens. Wait. It will come. That grand spark of the soul approaches and finally comes, and once again action on canvas begins to express all the life and beauty of the present reality as only you can produce. It doesn't get any better than right now in Myrtle Beach. Enjoy your pinnacle "Art Lover's" vacation with us!

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way--- things I had no words for".

Georgia O' Keefe

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