A few weeks ago during our Myrtle Beach family vacation, I had the opportunity to visit the Hopsewee Plantation, a former rice plantation owned by one of the wealthiest families in South Carolina. The 500 acres of land was granted to the Lynch family by the King of England and it became of one of 7 plantations owned by this family that enslaved between 800 and 1600 Africans in the 1700s. While most people think of slavery in terms of cotton cultivation, rice happened to be the most lucrative cash crop in the Sante Delta area, thus making South Carolina the wealthiest of the 13 colonies. The Hopsewee Plantation produced between 500K and 1 million pounds of rice annually.

Hopsewee PPlantationis also where you get to meet an incredibly knowledgeable Gullah historian by the name of Zenobia Harper. She shared with me the very rich and fascinating history and presence of the Geechee people of South Carolina.