Conway, South Carolina – The beaches along the Coast of Horry County are unique and beautiful, but sometimes the ocean can be unpredictable. Ocean conditions can rapidly change and are greatly influenced by season, location, tides and weather.

The overall risk associated with swimming in the ocean is low, but local safety officials recommend visitors follow the below precautions:

Ocean Safety Checklist

  • Be honest about your swimming ability. The ocean is not a swimming pool.
  • Never turn your back on the ocean. Being hit by a wave while you’re not watching can cause serious injury.
  • Never take your eye off children in the water, no matter how calm the ocean.
  • If you need help, shout “HELP” (and not a family member’s name) or wave an arm to get attention.
  • A current can pull you away in waist high water.
  • If you get caught in a current, do not struggle against it. Rip currents are usually narrow, so calmly swim parallel to the shore to get out of it.
  • Too many rules to remember? Then remember just one…..SWIM IN FRONT OF LIFE GUARDS!