To get an unbiased, fact-based view into the best beaches in the US, the Tipspoke team used a rigorous 4-part process leveraging the Google Consumer Survey platform to survey thousands of people across America. Myrtle Beach landed in the number one spot at the top of the list.

There are many opinion-based lists of the best beach in the US, but Stacey Sao, the master researcher behind recreational information hub Tipspoke, decided to get an unbiased, fact-based answer. She followed a rigorous 4-part process with Google Consumer Surveys to make this happen. The results for the best beaches in the US are in and Myrtle Beach South Carolina was the clear winner.

“Myrtle Beach didn’t just win --- it won big with over 87% more votes than the second place finisher. When we do a bit of digging, it’s clear that this is because of the range of activities available both on the beach and surrounding it,” said Ms. Sao, the CEO of Tipspoke. “The number of activities and attractions is simply amazing – everything ranging from amusement and water parks to golf to wildlife adventures.”

“Myrtle Beach continues to rise in these national measurements because of what nearly 18 million visitors already know – our beaches are clean, safe and inviting,” said Brad Dean, president and CEO of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. “What truly sets Myrtle Beach area apart from others is the fact that visitors consistently comment on two main themes, one is simply the vast array of attractions and events that appeal to both the young and the old, the couples and large groups; and two is the friendly southern hospitality visitors experience from our citizens and businesses that keep them coming back time and time again.”

The combination of four attributes makes this survey representative of popular opinion across the country. (1) It was not limited to a specific readership, i.e., subscribers to a travel website, but rather distributed broadly across the US. (2) It did not offer a pre-set list to choose from; instead, it asked an open question for the respondent to fill in their “favorite” beach without any aid or bias. (3) It did not ask the respondents to rank on any single dimension, but rather their overall favorite. (4) It was published randomly to thousands of adults in the US through the Google Consumer Surveys and ran until over a thousand responses were completed.

Bloggers, travel websites, and publications are free to use the survey data or chart when accompanied with a courtesy credit and link to Tipspoke also performs research on other topics and can conduct custom research in partnership with media outlets.

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