Myrtle Beach is world famous for spectacular sunrises over the ocean. So when visiting this seaside town consisting of 100 km of gorgeous beaches along the Atlantic Ocean called the Grand Strand, it is ideal to stay at a hotel near the beach.

The Hampton Inn & Suites Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort will make all your sunrise dreams come true, as it’s only a few steps from paradise. These few steps were walked daily before dawn from the ground floor elevator of our hotel, past the still pool and lighted palm trees, through the thick wooden gate, and over the soft wet sand towards the salty waves splashing against the shore. In one hand was my camera and in my other hand was the hand of my sleepy child not understanding why I was dragging him out of bed so early because “it’s not a school day!” The almost deserted beach is magical in the morning with a peaceful aurora that is not soon forgotten.


This article appeared in March 2017 issue of Eat Drink Travel Magazine.