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Myrtle Beach, SC

Welcome to The Beach

We are proud to tell everyone about our home, which has 60 miles of sandy beach and, oh, so much more. Beyond our famous boardwalk, The Beach has live music; theaters offering dinner and a show, from battles between medieval knights to murder mysteries to a Polynesian luau. We have, literally, thousands of restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines, plus amusement parks, a fabulous aquarium, more than 90 beautiful golf courses, fishing and a full spectrum of other watersports. Among our 14 unique communities we also have quiet towns that glow with coastal charm and are filled with South Carolina’s Lowcountry history and culture. Myrtle Beach has everything you want and we have everything you need to know. Come enjoy!

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Myrtle Beach Beer Trail Bumstead's Pub
Myrtle Beach Beer Trail
Explore our Brew Scene
Find all the best breweries and bars and earn great prizes! Explore than 40 of our best craft brew spots!
Myrtle Beach Mini Golf Balls
Mini Golf Capital of The World
Discover 30+ Courses
Indulge in classic family fun with this nostalgic activity. Explore our trail and see why we're the world's #1 mini golf...
Friends enjoying a meal at Riptydz, an oceanfront restaurant.
Enjoy 2,000+ Restaurants
Explore our culinary scene
Did you know The Beach is the South's newest Foodie destination? These eateries are a big reason why!
Live Music at Ocean Annie's
America's Jukebox
Enjoy the Live Music Scene!
With more than 25,000 shows per year, The Beach's live music and entertainment scene can't be missed.
You Belong at The Beach: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

There’s a reason people call Myrtle Beach “The Beach.” Here, you become your best self. It’s a place where you can let loose, let it ride, and go with the flow. Where limits on fun don’t exist. Somewhere that knows what you want, and isn’t afraid to give it to you. In Myrtle Beach, families get closer and have those special moments that make life-long memories. It’s a place where you can get away, and find exactly what you’re looking for. You can speed up, slow down, and make waves even on land. If this sounds like what you need, then this is where you belong.

60 Miles 60 Seconds

Experience 60 miles of wide beaches along the Grand Strand in South Carolina.

We are The Beach: Welcome to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

We are the salty sun on your face, the treasured memories through the years, a new adventure and your home away from home. From the first moment you arrive here in Myrtle Beach you feel like this is where you belong. Because this isn't just any beach. It's The Beach. We're 60 miles of bringing people together, reliving traditions and making new ones. WE ARE THE BEACH!

Shag Dancing in North Myrtle Beach

A brief history of Shag dancing in North Myrtle Beach

Beach with the Best in Myrtle Beach

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