Total Eclipse 2017

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event on August 21st when the Great American Eclipse passes through South Carolina, including parts of the Grand Strand. More than 1 million people will be coming to South Carolina to experience the total solar eclipse. Come for the eclipse and stay in Myrtle Beach for the fun. Here’s everything you need to know about the solar eclipse, including times, area events, special offers and more.  

2017 Solar Eclipse Path

The total solar eclipse will pass through South Carolina the afternoon of Monday, August 21st, 2017. The southern portion of the Grand Strand, including Georgetown and Pawleys Island area, will experience a total eclipse. The rest of the Grand Strand will see a partial solar eclipse of over 99 percent.

  • Myrtle Beach area – Begins 1:18 pm, Max 99% at 2:47 pm, Ends 4:09 pm
  • Pawleys Island = Begins 1:18 pm, Totality starts at 2:47 and lasts 39 sec
  • Georgetown – Begins 1:17 pm, Totality starts at 2:46 and lasts 1 m 46 sec

Partial Eclipse vs. Total Eclipse

All of the Myrtle Beach area will experience a partial eclipse while the south end will experience a total eclipse. During the partial eclipse, the sky will take on a very strange dark blue and purple hue. Objects on the ground will take on a dull, grayed hue as the sun’s light is diminished.  Shadows will become very dark and very sharp as the limited sun light is focused like an adjustable flash light.  If skies are completely clear, the planet Venus will become visible. Temperatures may drop a few degrees.  Despite being 99 percent covered, it will still be dangerous to look directly at the sun. It’s very important to wear special eclipse shades. 

The southern half of Georgetown County, including Pawleys Island and Georgetown, will experience a total eclipse. At totality, the sun will appear as a black hole in the sky and is visible with the naked eye only at this point. A ring of dancing light will surround the black disc of the sun. It will be as dark as a clear night with a full moon. Temperatures will drop by 10 to 15 degrees. Animals will be tricked into returning to roost as they think it’s night.  Winds often go calm.  All of this combines for a bizarre and strange experience in the middle of the day.

The length of the total eclipse is brief. In Pawleys Island, the period of totality is just under one minute.  Georgetown will experience the total eclipse for nearly a minute and a half.

Check out an Interactive Map that simulates the Eclipse from various locations.

Eclipse Viewing Events and Deals

Many attractions are hosting viewing events, including Hopsewee Plantation in Georgetown, Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet and Myrtle Beach State Park. You can even take a kayak tour on the Santee River with Black River Outdoors. Explore all the many Myrtle Beach area eclipse events and book your stay today. 

Other Resources

We hope to see you for this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event!

Eclipse Path Through South Carolina