Itinerary - Military Themed Tour

Honoring Our Nations' Heroes!

In the evening Myrtle Beach theatres come alive with world-class entertainment that honors the veterans who served to protect our freedom. Whether it is a hub & spoke tour based in Myrtle Beach, or a stop on the way - no other destination offers as many tour options to honor veterans.


Day 1 - Arrive Myrtle Beach, SC

Day 2 - Myrtle Beach

Day 3 - Myrtle Beach

  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • War Bird Park. An F-100D, A-7D and an A-10A, formerly assigned to the 354th Tactical Fighter Wing are preserved and on display in a memorial park (Warrior Park) located near the former main entrance to the base. Warrior Park contains a Wall of Honor to those Airmen who were assigned to the base, with many names inscribed on the wall. There is a walking trail in the park with many informational markers about the 354th TFW and the World War II 354th Fighter Group along with a State of South Carolina historical marker.
  • Lynch History - Hopsewee Plantation was originally part of the lands owned by Thomas Lynch, I (deceased 1738). He owned most of the property on the North Santee from Hopsewee to the intercoastal waterway, with seven plantations in production. Hopsewee was built by the Lynch family between 1733 and 1740.

    The Senior Lynch was a distinguished public servant and one of the most important Santee River planters. As a prominent Indigo planter, he was the first President of the Winyah Indigo Society founded in 1755. In 1751 he was the delegate elected to the Commons House of Assembly from Prince George, Winyah Parish where he served with the exception of one term until his death. He served on the 1765 Stamp Act Congress and in 1774 was elected to the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia. Lynch was highly esteemed by the founding fathers and in October, 1775, Lynch was appointed with Benjamin Franklin and Colonel Benjamin Harrison as advisors to General Washington. However, in February 1776 he was paralyzed when he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while in Philadelphia. His son, Thomas Lynch, Jr, was serving in the South Carolina militia and requested leave of his commanding officer, Christopher Gadsden, to join his ailing father. The request was denied but the South Carolina Second Provincial Congress selected he son as a delegate to join his father in Philadelphia. Thus, Thomas Lynch Sr. and Thomas Lynch Jr. were the only father and son team to serve the Continental Congress. Thomas Lynch Jr. was the fifty-second signer of the Declaration of Independence at 26 years of age and thus gave his birthplace, Hopsewee Plantation, a place in American History.
  • Dinner - Any number of Myrtle Beach Area restaurants would be happy to provide a themed dinner for your group.
  • Evening Entertainment - The Myrtle Beach Area theatres presented in the Yellow Ribbon Tour offer a rousing tribute to veterans as part of their show.

Day 4 - Depart Myrtle Beach - We Salute You!

  • Breakfast at host hotel
  • Depart Myrtle Beach

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