They weren't the nicest of people, and they had a reputation for stealing, boozing and other types of revelry on the high seas. Still, everyone must admit ... pirates were cool!

Don't believe us? There's a reason Johnny Depp's bank account has grown exponentially over the last decade. And it has nothing to do with residual checks from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape."

The Myrtle Beach area has embraced the never-ending allure of pirates, and you can get in on the fun.

Both Pirate's Adventure in Murrells Inlet and Pirate's Voyage in Myrtle Beach will transform you into a scallywag of the seas.

Pirate's Adventure is a lot of fun for the kids. Once they've morphed into their own version of Blackbeard, Davy Jones or Jack Sparrow, the young buckaroos will board the Sea Gypsy and use a map to find hidden treasure while avoiding the clutches of the vile Pirate Pete.

Over at Pirate's Voyage, everyone will be entertained after their makeover by the exploits of the Crimson and Sapphire pirates. These two merry bands will battle each other on the deck, in the water and high up in the sky. It's dinner theatre at its most thrilling.

You don't want to miss out, matey! ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!