Need a chicken bog fix? Look no further than Shorty's Grill in Loris.

That wonderful Lowcountry concoction combining chicken, rice, sausage, spices, onion and celery is celebrated annually during the Loris Bog-Off. This year marks the festival's 35th anniversary, and it continues to bring together locals and visitors in a celebration of all things bog.

The highlight, obviously, is watching chefs strut their culinary stuff and fight to prove their chicken bog is the best around. Obviously, though, the real winners are all of us, who get to reap the tasty rewards!

We know what you're thinking; what about the other 364 days a year when the Bog-Off isn't happening?

That's where Shorty's comes into play. You can enjoy a cup or a bowl anytime at the restaurant. Their recipe is flavorful and delicious, and well worth the drive.