Here in the Myrtle Beach area, we know our gift shops.

But if you're looking for that perfect souvenir, we recommend you try the place that is as much a part of the Grand Strand's history as shrimp and grits.

That place is The Gay Dolphin Gift Cove, which first opened its doors in 1946. After almost 70 years, it has grown into the largest gift shop along the East Coast, encompassing 26,000 square feet that holds 70,000 different items ranging from sharks' teeth to sarcophagus.'

Really, how many gift shops can you name that have Egyptian sarcophagus' for sale?

But I'm sure that's not the first question that's on your mind. If we had to guess, you're probably wondering where its name came from.

Well, back in the day, the owner enjoyed using his telescope to take a peek out over the ocean. What he'd generally see were dolphins, and they appeared to be smiling and happy.

When it came time to give his store a name, the owner wanted something unique and also nautical. So, he went back to those happy mammals he'd spot out in the Atlantic and, thus, The Gay Dolphin stuck.

Now that you know the history of the name, it's time to check out the wares they're peddling. Head over today, and find that perfect gift to make your friends and loved ones jealous of your time along the Grand Strand.