Are you a toe-tapping fan of country legends Alabama? If so, you should thank The Bowery.

This Myrtle Beach area establishment has been entertaining guests with southern hospitality, fantastic tunes and cold brews since 1944. Its eclectic and unique staff has only added to its mystique and legend over these last 70 years.

Don't believe us? Let us tell you the story of waiter Scuba Osborne, who holds the Guinness World Record for carrying the most mugs of beer without a tray. The magical number was 34, although whether or not all the beer remained in those glasses is a mystery.

But we digress. What about Alabama?

When the band was getting its start, they were the house band for The Bowery from 1973 to 1980. They seemed to do OK for themselves, selling about 75 million albums and spawning a long list of hit country singles.

Alabama calls The Bowery its home, and still comes back to perform. The band's most recent appearance was in 2013, as part of the "Back To The Bowery Tour" to commemorate its 40th anniversary.

The next country supergroup could be performing at The Bowery right now as we speak. So, come down for a dose of Southern charm. And see if your server can perhaps break Scuba's beer-carrying record.