UPDATE: And the Trip Tuesday Winner is...Michelle Coffman-Woodall! Congratulations! The secret pictured was the Cinzia Spa, one of the most relaxing spa treatment facilities along the 60 miles. Michelle has entered the contest via Facebook (you can enter via Facebook, Twitter or blog; refer here for the complete rules.  

Take relaxation to a whole new level with a visit to Cinzia Spa in the Myrtle Beach area.

One of the spa's best features is the number of international relaxation rituals it offers. Options range from the Aloha Hawaiian and Fijian to the Passage to India and Meditation Journey. The Aloha ritual was inspired by early Polynesian settlers and transformed by generations of Hawaiian families, and the Fijian ritual uses a bath of pure coconut milk from Fiji to help the body become soothed and relaxed.

Any of Cinzia's treatments will revitalize and purify your mind and body. So, go on. You're on vacation. Pamper yourself a little.