One of the Myrtle Beach area's most interesting and unique pieces of history centers around the Gullah Geechee culture.

Their story began on African soil, where they were captured as slaves and brought to the Carolina Colony starting in the late 1500s.

By the mid 1700s, the Gullah people were the backbone of the rice and cotton industries that once dominated the Carolina slave coast. Their owners were among the wealthiest businessmen in pre-Civil War America.

Today, the descendants of these African slaves - almost half a million - live between a 500-mile stretch along the Atlantic Ocean, from Jacksonville, N.C., to Jacksonville, Fla.

One of those spots is Georgetown County here in the Myrtle Beach area, and their rich history and culture is celebrated at the Ultimate Gullah Culture and Gift Exchange.

Stop in for a chance to learn more about the Gullah Geechee culture and purchase items that are indicative of their history.

We highly recommend trying their spices sold at the story. They add a depth of flavor to any meal. The Hot Luv Seasoning, for instance, is the main ingredient for blackened and Cajun dishes.

This is truly an experience not to be missed, as it gives you a better understanding of just one cultural and historical segment of our wonderful region.