If you're looking for a fine dining experience and don't mind being spooked, stop by The Brentwood Restaurant and Wine Bistro in Little River.

Once a lived-in house, the Brentwood Restaurant is more than a century old and became a restaurant several years ago.

When the new owners took over in 2007, they started hearing noises and voices. Customers also reported getting unexpectedly locked in the second-floor restroom.

The strange occurrences eventually prompted the owners to bring in a few area "ghostbusters," or, more appropriately, investigators of the paranormal. Well, the ghosts are apparently still there, and the owners have just rolled with it.

Chef and owner Eric Masson introduced the Ghost and Gourmet Event, which combines a delicious four-course French dinner with a séance conducted by a professional psychic and medium.

Guests write their questions on a piece of paper, in a hope those on the "other side" will give an answer.

For you ghost lovers, this is a can't miss stop on your trip!