You may have heard the tale of how Murrells Inlet's famous Drunken Jack's Restaurant got its name.

No? Well, let me tell you that it involves pirates sailing under the legendary Blackbeard stashing a bounty of rum on an island off Murrells Inlet. Before they set sail, these scallywags enjoyed a feast of shrimp, oysters and, yes, plenty of rum.

The next day, instead of quoting Capt. Jack Sparrow and asking "Why is the rum gone?," they instead asked why is their compatriot, whose name is also Jack, gone? Turns out, Jack got so inebriated, he was still asleep when his comrades left the island.

There's a little historical tale for you. Now for one that's only a quarter of a century old.

Behind Drunken Jack's Restaurant is Drunken Jack Island. Actually, it has another name - Goat Island.

For over 25 years, the restaurant's owners put goats on this island to keep the underbrush down. The animals maintain residence from mid-spring to late fall.

In the summer of 2006, peacocks were added to the mix. There have also been ducks, egrets, herons and pelicans that have called the island home from time to time.

So, when you and your family head out for a delicious meal at Drunken Jack's Restaurant, pull up a chair out on the deck and watch these animals in action.

It's a unique variation on dinner and a show.