Many of us say a blessing before a meal, and it would be more than appropriate to do so at The Parson's Table in Little River.

There is a lot of history in this Myrtle Beach area eatery. For starters, the main dining room was the original Little River Methodist Church built in 1885. The building remained a house of worship until 1952 until a new church was constructed. The structure was converted into a community meeting facility and served that purpose until it was transformed again to a restaurant in 1978.

But that's not all the history you can find in this building. The large antique doors that guests enter are more than 150 years old. And, the flooring was originally siding from a South Carolina farm house built in the 1850s.

As if that wasn't enough, the beautiful stained glass over the doorway heading into the dining room was shipped in from Lumberton, N.C.'s White Mansion.

We haven't even mentioned the food yet. Just take our word for it, it's phenomenal. Bon appetite!