Witches and wizards and dungeons and dragons. Way before Harry Potter ever enchanted us with his magic spells, the world of fantasy has captivated the imaginations of young and old across the planet. We're not the only ones who remember playing The Legend of Zelda on the original Nintendo.

Well, the Myrtle Beach area has something like Zelda. And in this case, the players are you.

MagiQuest, located at Broadway at the Beach, is an interactive live-action role playing game where the players embark on quests with real magic wands to solve the game's mysteries. In this kingdom, you'll encounter pixies, wizards, goblins and, of course, a dragon.

But this isn't a game you'll finish in one setting. You keep the wand, as it keeps your progress stored away. Then, you can take it to one of the 16 locations in North America and continue playing.

It's a good excuse to come back to the Myrtle Beach area. Wizards, dragons and 60 miles of beautiful beaches. That's a quest we'd take any day of the week.