Take a drive north on U.S. 17, and in about 20 miles, you're going to run smack dab into the charming fishing community of Little River.

If you're in the area on Oct. 11, you'll be able to check out the 10th Annual Little River ShrimpFest. This wonderful event is a celebration of not just great seafood, but also a wonderful community along the Grand Strand. Plus, it's held along the Little River Waterfront, so the ambiance is perfect.

But as long as we're talking about shrimp, let us just say that you will get your fill of these tasty morsels from the sea. It's right off the boats and as delicious as any shrimp you've ever tasted. The live music lineup is an added bonus.

So, come on out and experience this great local festival.

You'll be glad you did.