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Parking and Parking Meters

March 1, marks the beginning of seasonal parking regulations on Ocean Boulevard.
Parking is prohibited on the Boulevard from March 1 through September 30.

This also marks the return of dedicated transit lanes for public transportation vehicles (Lymo), other buses (charter or private, more than 15 seats) and emergency vehicles.  Southbound, the lanes run from 29th Avenue North to Mr. Joe White Avenue and from Eighth Avenue North to First Avenue North.  Northbound, lanes run from First to 29th Avenue North.  The transit lanes are in effect from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily, but all traffic may use the lanes during other hours.  (Delivery vehicles are allowed to use the transit lanes between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. to load or unload.)  When the lanes are in effect, from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., regular traffic is allowed to briefly enter the transit lanes to bypass a vehicle that is turning left.  Regular traffic should return to the general purpose lane immediately after passing the turning vehicle.  Vehicles turning right may briefly merge into the transit lane to facilitate the right-hand turn.

Parking meters are re-installed for the season beginning March 1, in time for their March 15 activation.  It takes about two weeks for Lanier Parking System's staff to install 1,500 meters in the commercial areas east of Kings Highway and south of 29th Avenue North. Several changes to the parking meter program will improve customer service.

Park-by-Phone is available in Myrtle Beach.
 Park-by-Phone allows parkers to feed their meters via their cell phones, so they don't need change.  To use Park-By-Phone, a parker simply calls the toll free number shown on the meter.  Repeat users are recognized electronically, so that all they need to do is enter their meter number and the amount of time they wish to park. New users can register with their first call or do so on-line at Users pay a small annual fee ($5.95) and 10 percent of the meter fee. For example, they pay just 25 cents on $2.50 worth of parking. Any parking charges are billed to a credit card, and the yearly membership is good wherever Park-by-Phone exists nationally.

Short-term parking has been extended
to three hours, instead of two. Short-term meters are located mainly near the amusement parks.

New, more-descriptive meter stickers
will tell customers which meters offer all-day parking or short-term parking. The stickers also make clear that it costs just $6 to keep an all-day space all day. That $6 per day rate is comparable to, or better than, private parking fees.

In South Carolina, persons with disabilities may park in specially marked spaces or at any public-operated parking meter for free, provided their vehicle displays a valid persons with disabilities, Purple Heart, Disabled American Veterans or Medal of Honor license tag, or a valid and official persons with disabilities hang tag. If your vehicle displays one of these, then you do not have to pay a municipal parking meter anywhere in South Carolina. Of course, city buildings also have designated parking spaces for persons with disabilities.

Currently, the parking meters are in effect from March 15 through September 30.

For more information on Parking Meters and Pay Stations visit

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